What We Do

Knowing and seeing where your food comes from is becoming increasingly important.

We sell raw milk, family milk cows, boer goats, pigs and sheep direct to consumers from our small family farm in Gardners, Pennsylvania.

Our customers have the opportunity to ask questions and have a relationship of trust with us.

Our small herd of pastured cows provides the healthy, raw dairy, which we offer for sale from our farm.

Our registered and commercial boer goats are sold for meat, breeding and showing.

Also for sale, is a limited supply of milk and corn fed pigs for slaughter each year.

Dairy cattle are for sale several times throughout the year. Steers and sometimes cows, but especially weaned heifers, which we halter train to lead and tie. These are sold as future family milk cows.

We are now breeding for Mini, Mid-sized and Standard Jersey milk cows; and these are available through our waiting list.

A start-up flock of registered sheep is new for 2021 and sales of those will be added to what we currently have to offer.

All mature livestock are kept in pens which provide shelter and outside space to run and play in the sun. The young stock pens are located in our small barn, where they are sheltered from the elements and their health can be closely monitored.

Check to see what livestock is currently available.