Painted Jersey Bull Calf

Painted, Mini x Standard bottle bull calf. 50/50 chance polled and A2/A2.

Deposits Required to Hold

Born February 21st, at 28″ tall, this bull calf will likely mature tall mid-sized to standard.


He received his dam’s colostrum and is bottle fed.


He is sired by registered 38″ mini Jersey bull, Keely’s Samson. Painted, A2/A2 and heterozygous polled. (Pictured)


His dam is Honey, our tall standard, mulberry colored Jersey x Swiss cow. She is A1/A2 and is not polled. (Pictured)


The bull calf is either (50/50) A2/A2 or A1/A2 by parentage and has a 50% chance of being polled.


His Dam and Sire’s dam have great udders.


His dam produced 6-7 gallons on twice a day (TAD) milking. We’ve switched to milking once a day during her dry period. She is now producing 4-5 gallons OAD.


As a bull, he could cover mid to Standard sized cows, but NOT mini’s, as the resulting calf may be too large.


If wanting him as a sire, we suggest switching him to bucket feeding.


If not wanting him for breeding, he should be banded.


Whatever his job will be, (bull, steer, pet) he is sure to add color to your pasture.

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