43″ Jersey cow in milk. AI’d 4/7

Deposits Required to Hold

Minnie is just 43″, making her the perfect size for smaller acreage.


While obviously mostly Jersey, she is not pure and we don’t know what cross she is.


She is not registered, but can be with the American Miniature Jersey Association (AMJA) as a homestead cow.


She is a 4th lactation cow. Her last one was just this year. She’s never had breeding nor calving issues. 3 of her calves are pictured.


She was bred via AI 4/7 to registered Mini Jersey bull Zion’s Gate Jaxon. He is 40″, A2, painted and hetero polled (pictured)


Pregnancy cannot be confirmed yet, but if she took, she’s due in Jan.


Due to her size, breeding to a mini bull is a must.

**She CAN NOT be bred to a standard bull!**


She is A1/A2 and is currently producing 3 gallons a day on once a day milking.


She has no history of mastitis and is good in all quarters.


Minnie has always been machine milked with us, but we think her previous owner did hand milk. She has long, wide teats that would make her a great cow to hand milk.


She is currently fed a few pounds of 16% dairy ration at milking, as a supplement to hay and grazing.


Minnie is not an “in your pocket” type of cow. She is reserved and shy, but she does know her job, comes for milking and stands tied nicely.


She just had her hooves trimmed last year and is either polled or dehorned.


Minnie is another that we are selling to make room for heifer replacements.


If you are wanting a smaller cow and not needing many gallons a day, Minnie may be a great fit for you.

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