Mini Jersey Heifer

A1/A2 Mini Jersey Heifer ready to breed


Deposits Required to Hold

Born on our farm 4-22-22 at 23″ tall, Pixie was sold at four months old, weaned, halter trained and friendly to a family not far away.


Due to a change in the family, they’ve asked for help selling her.


She is A1/A2, should be around 43″ at maturity and is still very friendly.


She is AMJA registerable as a homestead cow.


Her dam produces 3 gallons milked once a day.


When she was bought we had an agreement to AI her, but last October is the 1st her owners caught her in heat. We did AI, but it didn’t take.

There is no reason why she can’t get bred and she should be in heat around March 21st.

If they are able to notify us when she’s in heat, we will AI her to registered mini again.


Her owner is only selling her out of necessity. It is a no fault sale.


The heifer is located near Emmitsburg MD

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