JDBrand Chrome Pelee

Standard size A2/A2 Registered Purebred Jersey Cow in milk

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JD Brand Chrome Pelee

Standard size Registered Purebred Jersey


Born August 2017. Will be seven this year, but is in perfect health.




Scored very good 88 second lactation.


No issues breeding back or with calving.


Milked Once a day.


Producing approx 3 gallons a day.


High butter fat content.


Friendly and good with children. Good in all four quarters, though the right rear quarter is slow and needs extra time.


Good teat length for machine or hand milking.


4-H show heifer and cow.


Halter trained, used to being bathed, brushed and clipped.


She’s had five calves, four are heifers and we’ve kept all of her daughters.


She is in milk, having last calved December 28th, 2023.


Her last heat was January 25th. She’ll be in heat in the next couple of weeks.


She’s very friendly and lovable. She’s the herd matriarch and high in the herd hierarchy. She’s the queen cow.


Daughter is selling due to keeping all of her daughters and grand daughters.


If we had the room, she’d definitely stay.


I am milking her in this video.


(The pictures begin with the newest ones and end with her as a 2 year old. In the second pic she is the one on the left. Her first daughter is the other cow.)

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