Jersey x Swiss.

5 years old.

4th lactation.

In milk.


Available with her bull calf


Deposits Required to Hold

Born 2-1-2019, Honey is a 4th lactation 5 year old cow.


She is mostly Jersey, but has Brown Swiss in her family tree, so she stands above every other cow we have and sticks out with her mulberry coloring.


She has a nice sturdy build and is a healthy, friendly girl with a super high, tight udder.


She has no history of mastitis and is good in all quarters, producing 7 gallons a day on twice a day milking and 4-5 gallons now, on once a day milking.


She is A1/A2, but don’t let that deter you. Very few people actually have digestive issues when consuming A1 milk RAW.  Her milk is creamy and delicious.


Her rear teats are smallish, so may not lend well to hand milking. She has only been machine milked and is always grain fed at milking. Fantastic milk let down!


She leads, ties, is friendly and inquisitive. She is dehorned and had her hooves trimmed last July.


Honey has become pregnant every year and calves without issue. She last calved Feb 21st 2024, having the mini x Standard Painted Jersey bull calf that is available to sell with her. (50% chance he’s A2. 50% chance he’s polled)


The calf is currently bottle fed and grafting calves isn’t something we are familiar with, so seek guidance if wanting to go that route.


We are only selling Honey to thin the herd. She is a great dependable cow and we hate to say goodbye to another of our best girls, but we need to make room for the heifers.


Honey’s calf is also pictured and please excuse the udder images, it has been raining.

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