Livestock for Sale

“When you buy livestock from us, you can feel confident they were well cared for and respected.”

— Jennifer M., Your Farmer

All species of livestock on our farm, have their own area, which includes access to shelter and a fenced area to graze or play in the sunshine.

The only exception to this, are the very young. They are housed in the small barn, where they can receive the attention and special care required for their good health and safety.

Family Milk Cattle, Steers and Bulls

Below is a short halter training video.

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~For Sale~

No other cattle are available at this time.

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*SOLD* A2/A2 Bull calf


Born July 29th at 25 1/2″ tall. “Marshal” is A2/A2, expected to stay mid-sized, has grass fed genetics and comes from good milking lines. He does have polled genetics and does appear to be polled at this point.

“Marshal” is out of our 49″ Heritage Mid-size cow “Stella”. This is her first calf, so we can only speculate what her milk production will be, but she is a nice bodied heifer, has developed a wide, well attached udder and it currently milking very well. We feel she ought to do well for us.

The calf’s Sire is “Keely’s Samson” a Registered, A2/A2, painted, polled, under 40″ Mini Jersey bull (also pictured is Samson’s dam).

“Marshal” is bottle fed currently, but could be grafted on to your cow. He would make a nice, smaller statured herd sire or pet steer.

At 1 week old

***SOLD to J. A. in North Carolina***



“Rain” is a standard sized, 5 month old Swedish Red / Jersey Cross heifer.

She is A2/A2, polled (will not get horns), dam raised, healthy and solid.

She was born on a grass only dairy, so has good grazing genetics, but is grass and grain fed currently.

Rain has been worked with and is halter trained to lead and tie.

I expect her to develop into a good milk producer and a nicely built cow.

**Best suited for those with some experience and needs a bovine herd mate to be happy.**

***SOLD TO VA***

Sold-“Mini Tonka”

Just born

Tonka was born April 1st at 22″ tall. He should mature below 44″, making him a perfect mini herd sire or pet steer. He is painted and A2/A2 or A1/A2 by Parentage.

22″ to the point of hip/hook

Tonka’s sire is Missouri Sunrise Orion, a registered miniature Jersey bull #7975- MCBR.

Tonka’s dam is our Painted 43″ mini Jersey, “Minnie”. Minnie is A1/A2, is producing about 3 gallons a day and has perfect hand milking teats.

Minnie a few days before calving
After calving
Just born
Tonka is ready to go now as a bottle or graft calf.
***Sold to Pottstown Pa***


Mid-sized A2/A2 Jersey cow in milk

Candy is a petite 2 year old cow standing at 47″.
She calved easily on Jan 9, 2023 and is producing 3-4 gallons a day on twice a day milking (TAD).

Her udder is well attached and she is good in all quarters. We machine milk only, but her teats are adequate for hand milking as well.

She is grazing and is supplemented with grain at milking. She is maintaining condition well.
Candy is low in the herd hierarchy, is friendly and curious, but is not in your pocket. She is dehorned and halter broken.

Candy was AI’d on March 7th to MPRR Little Firecracker, a registered, heterozygous polled mini Jersey bull.

It is too early to confirm pregnancy, but if it took, she’d be due Dec 14th.

Candy would be the perfect Family cow.

***SOLD to A.C. and family in Michigan ***


Pixie is our first mid-sized miniature calf to be born.

DOB April 22nd, measured 23″ tall with a 5″ cannon bone at birth so is on track to be similar in height to her 43″ dam.

Her dam (Minnie) averages 3 gallons of milk a day and has teats perfect for hand milking.

Cute as a button and super sweet, her family can hardly wait to take her home!

***Sold to the Moore family of Emmitsburg, MD***


Cherry is a lovely shade of red. She is a Jersey with some Swedish Red on her Maternal side, hence her coloring, though we do expect her to darken with age.

Her Dam (Momma) has a strong conformation and a nice high udder. Cherry favors her with her stockier build.

She is a very laid back, quick learner; Impressing me so much on her first walk, that I took her on a much lengthier one than I ever have, first time out.

Cherry’s sweet personality will be a blessing to her waiting family.

***Sold to L. Michael of Pennsylvania***


Bubblegum is a Jersey heifer that ought to be A2/A2 and we will be testing to confirm.

Her dam (Momma) is producing approximately 4 gallons of milk a day on good quality grass alone.

If Bubblegum takes after her, she would be a good candidate for calf sharing and still have enough milk for the house.

She is a total sweetheart and is very people oriented.

Before she is ready for her family, she will be halter trained to lead and tie. And will be used to being handled.

I expect her to be a great cow some day.

***Sold to her family in York, Pa***

Ayrshire Feeder Steer


Born February 6th.

Bottle fed raised on raw milk.

Dehorned, castrated, weaned and eating well.

A friendly fella that will add some color to your place.

*** SOLD to Walkersville, MD ***

Jersey x Swiss Feeder Steer


Born February 4.

Bottle fed raised on raw milk.

Dehorned, weaned and eating well.

He has a healthy appetite and a stockier build than a pure Jersey.

Jersey beef, though often overlooked, is beautifully marbled and judged by some to be even more delicious than what is commonly touted as superior.

Please message for more information.

***SOLD to Walkersville, MD***


Cranberry is a four month old A2/A2, heifer. She is a Swedish Red / Holstein cross.

Her dam (mom) is a Swedish Red/Holstein with a very nice high, tight udder. Her sire (dad), via artificial insemination, is a Swedish Red bull.

Cranberry has polled and grazing genetics. She is halter trained to lead and tie.

This solid heifer with her pretty tri-colored broken coat, would be the perfect future milk cow for someone who has room for a bigger gal.

*Sold to her family in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.*


Reba is a 3 month old Swedish Red/Jersey Cross.

She is out of a brindled Swedish Red /Jersey cross and sired by a Swedish Red.

Reba is halter trained to lead and tie, is test confirmed A2/A2, has grazing and polled genetics.

She is will add some pizzazz to your family as she develops the brindled coat she is sure to get from her dam.

*Sold to Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania*


Twizzler is a 3 month old Swedish Red cross heifer.

She is A2, polled, has grazing genetics and is halter trained to lead and tie.

Twizzler has been fun to work with and in fact, seems to enjoy going for walks with us!

This puppy dog like heifer is going to make someone a very lovable cow.

*Sold, found her home with the Burkholders’*


Heinz is a Milking Shorthorn/Jersey cross heifer.

She was born here on the farm to our Milking Shorthorn cross milk cow.

She’s sired by a Registered Jersey bull (AI)

Heinz is a sweet little lady that will probably brindle like her dam, have a nice udder and a calm disposition.

*Sold, Gardners Pennsylvania*

“Heaven and Luzianne”

Heaven and Luzianne are registered Holstein, first calf heifers.

They both calved in without assistance, are producing well and have settled in to being machine milked.

Both were 4-H show calves and are well halter broken to tie and lead. They are used to a wide variety of sights and sounds and to being handled.

We are only selling them because we are moving towards an all Jersey herd.

These are nice girls who will do well at a place suited to their size and where their milk production will not become overwhelming.

*Sold to Warner’s*


Fawn is a Jersey first calf heifer that we raised from a calf.

She calved in without assistance and had a beautiful heifer calf.

She has a blind quarter that never had milk and was not due to mastitis.

Although a 3-quarter cow, Fawn still gives plenty of milk and has teats long enough to be suitable for hand milking.

She is small in stature, sweet and low in the herd hierarchy.

Fawn is so easy to love and found a great home where she is a family milk and nurse cow.

*Sold to her family in West Virginia*


Dawn is Fawn’s Jersey heifer calf. She was bought by a grazing dairy.

*Sold Gardners Pennsylvania*


Lily the Ayrshire Cross heifer is halter trained to lead and tie.

Steers and Bulls

Trooper is a registerable purebred Jersey bull, born to our 88 point Chrome daughter, sired by Mega Power -ET

Sold breeding age and proven.

Boer Goats

Our breeding does are all boer. Some are unregistered commercial, others are high percentage ABGA registered.

Our boer kids are sired by our ABGA fullblooded boer bucks.

They are fed 16% sweet feed with Black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS), good hay and fresh water.

~For Sale~

No other goats are available at this time



“April” ABGA registered 50% black-headed yearling. Maiden.


“Ruby” solid Red yearling doe. Maiden.


“Blast” 3 y/o black headed traditional Kidded twice.


“Blossom” 3 y/o black headed traditional. Kidded twice.



The sheep on our farm are Suffolk, Hampshire and crosses of the two.

The flock belongs to our oldest daughter and she sells them mostly through 4-H.

Occasionally some will become available here.

~For Sale~

No other sheep are available at this time


3 y/o Ewes “Jazzy” & “Holland”

Available pair of Registered 3 y/o Ewes. A Suffolk and a Hampshire.

Both have lambed twice. Our Daughter is reducing her 4-H flock.

A wether lamb out of the Hamp won champion rate of gain at our local county fair last year.

Suffolk’s sire: MacCauley 4451 RR Hamp’s sire: Jadewood 18036 TW


Milk Fed Pigs

Our pigs are fed excess raw milk and supplemented with corn.

They are able to run, enjoy mud puddles, lounge in the sun or be sheltered in their garden shed.

This freedoom to move about and eat when they wish ensures they are happy, healthy and grow well.


No other pigs are available at this time