Our Raw Pet Dairy

Unpasteurized and Non-Homogenized, wholesomely unprocessed without additives or extractions. Licensed for Pet Consumption Only, but handled with high standards you can feel good about feeding.

Micro herd

We know each cow

Grass-fed Jerseys

Grazing full-time

Grain Supplemented

Locally Sourced

Machine Milked

Clean, closed system

Dairy Products

For Pet Consumption

Raw Cow's Milk

Sold in half gallon plastic jugs. Full Fat. No skimming. Changes in fat content due to grazing seasons and lactation stages are natural and expected.

New Products

Coming Soon! Raw butter and Raw Kefir. Both great as a pet treat.

Raw Cream

Cow's milk heavy cream. Sold in plastic pint bottles. Machine separated for consistent quality. Thick and rich. Limited quantity. Orders are accepted.

We are happy to answer your questions!

Stop by. No orders needed, but feel free to check availability.

Available On-Farm Daily

Open 9am to 7pm

Customers Reviews

What an incredible set up they have! We were able to bring our children and see the milking process and bottle feed calves. We were also able to see how much other animals LOVE cow's milk too, including pigs! They slurped it right up. The farm is clean and well kept, we will be going again!
J. Bennett

Meet our cows!

Let us introduce you to the lovely Jersey gals that produce all this raw goodness.

We went to visit Muddy Toes Farm on Tuesday for the first time and had a blast. Ms. Jen showed us all the baby animals and we learned so much about the milking process and the how the farm runs. Can’t wait to go back soon!
B. Miller
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