Family Cattle​

If you are looking for that perfect Jersey milk cow for your family, farm or homestead, perhaps we can help. 


But Why Us?

With 30 years of experience raising dairy cattle, commercially and now as a micro raw dairy, not only do our cattle get a great start, but we are here to help you succeed as well.

Bottled Fed

All of our calves are bottle fed to weaning, with the exception of steers. This ensures our babies are friendly and well socialized with people.

A2 Tested

We seek out and breed for A2/A2 genetics. We understand that while most people can consume any raw milk without digestive issues, there are still those that prefer or need an A2 milk cow.

Halter Trained

Having a heifer or cow you can lead is not necessary, but it sure is handy. That is why we train ours to lead and stand tied.


We do not raise pets, we raise future family milk cows. With their future in mind we work with each heifer, teaching them to be comfortable around people while minding their manners.

 Our cattle are Standard, Mid and Miniature sized Jerseys. The following chart depicts the height ranges for each size classification. 

There are variances among the registries. So, for clarity, measured from the highest point of hip, these are the ranges we use.

Cattle do not reach their official height until 3 years of age. We use birth and/or current measurements to estimate stature at maturity. These estimates are by NO means a GUARANTEE.

What Others Are Saying

We got the sweetest Jersey / Swedish Red calf, Reba, from Muddy Toes! She is our first dairy cow and Jennifer was incredibly generous with her knowledge, got us all set up and is always available for follow up questions. Reba came already halter trained, certified A2/A2, and is such a sweetie - we love her! Thanks Muddy Toes!
K. Melvin

Our buyers say it best!

We love getting feedback and updates.

We are the very happy purchasers of two thriving steer calves. They are in excellent health, and we are so happy with the entire experience!!
C. Wetzel

Previously Sold

"Mini Tonka"

A2/A2 Miniature Jersey Bull calf. Sired by Orion and out of Minnie our mini Jersey cow.


A2/A2 Mid-sized Jersey cow in milk. Very easy going, first lactation cow confirmed bred back.


A2/A2 Standard Heifer with grazing and polled genetics. Easy to work with. Halter trained and friendly.


A2/A2 Mid-sized first calf heifer in milk. Halter trained and used to children. Low in herd hierarchy.


A2/A2 Standard Jersey x Swedish Red heifer. Grazing genetics and polled. Halter trained, sturdy build.

Jersey Steer

Standard-sized Jersey steer out of our cow, "Honey". Stocky build and good growing with a healthy appetite.

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