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The cattle found here are first offered to you, those subscibed to our waiting list.

If no one on the list buys them after a certain amount of time, we will post them to the public.

If you ARE interested, please contact ASAP.

A2/A2 Bull Calf

Born July 29th at 25 1/2″ tall. He is A2/A2, expected to stay mid-sized, has grass fed and polled genetics and comes from good milking lines.

He is out of our 49″ Heritage Mid-size cow “Stella”. This is her first calf, so we can only speculate what her milk production will be, but she is a nice bodied heifer and has developed a wide, well attached udder. We feel she ought to do well for us.

His Sire is “Keely’s Samson” a Registered, A2/A2, painted, polled, under 40″ Mini Jersey bull (also pictured is Samson’s dam).

He is bottle fed currently, but could be grafted on to your cow. And would make a nice, smaller statured herd sire or pet steer.

***Asking $400***



Available 5 month old Swedish Red / Jersey cross (standard sized) heifer.

She is polled (will not get horns) and is A2/A2.

Dam raised, healthy and solid.

She was born on a grass only dairy, so has good grazing genetics, but is grass and grain fed currently.

She has been worked with and is halter trained to lead and tie.

I expect her to develop into good milk producer and a nicely built cow.

She would be happiest with bovine companion(s) and is best suited to a family with some experience.

****sold to Va****

Sold Mini Jersey Bull

Still Available Mini Jersey Bull calf. *New reduced price to help the owners sell.

2 months old. Not weaned.

A1/A2 or A2/A2 by Parentage
May be Registerable.

Sired by Simba (registered mini Jersey bull) 41″.

Dam is a dark 39″ mini Jersey cow with a good udder and hand milking teats.

She produces approx 3 gallons a day.


SOLD “Tonka”

Just born

Tonka was born April 1st at 22″ tall. He should mature below 44″, making him a perfect mini herd sire or pet steer. He is painted and A2/A2 or A1/A2 by Parentage.

22″ to the point of hip/hook

Tonka’s sire is Missouri Sunrise Orion, a registered miniature Jersey bull #7975- MCBR.

Tonka’s dam is our Painted 43″ mini Jersey, “Minnie”. Minnie is A1/A2, is producing about 3 gallons a day and has perfect hand milking teats.

Minnie a few days before calving
After calving
Just born

Tonka is ready to go now as a bottle or graft calf.



SOLD- “Candy”

“Candy” is a 47” mid-sized, blood test confirmed A2/A2 Jersey cow. She is 2 years old, in milk and is dehorned. Candy calved easily without assistance on January 9th (“sugar”) and is producing 3-4 gallons a day on twice a day milking. We do not calf share. She is pastured and supplemented with grass hay and grain.

We machine milk, but her teat length should be sufficient for hand milking as well. All four quarters are good and her udder is well attached and well balanced. She is still a bit ticklish, but is a good girl.

She was AI’d on March 7 to a registered, Heterozygous Polled, Mini Jersey bull named Firecracker. It is too early yet for a pregnancy test, but if it was successful, she’s due December 14th.

Candy is a sweet cow, but not in your pocket and she is low in the herd hierarchy. She leads and stands tied.

Asking $2,500


SOLD -Bull calf

Born February 20th at 27″ tall, this bull calf will most likely be around 48″ tall at maturity.

His sire (Dad) is a dual registered painted, A2A2, mini Jersey bull named Missouri Sunrise Orion. (He is much smaller than he appears in this photo.)

Missouri Sunrise Orion – the sire

His dam is Honey, our standard-sized, mulberry colored Jersey cow. She has a stocky build and a fantastic udder, producing 6 + gallons a day.

Honey is on the right

He is available now, as a bottle calf or could probably be grafted on a cow to nurse. Or we can keep him until weaning at 3-4 months old.

If you want him as a steer, we will band him. Jersey beef is very good and with his stocky build he will fill out well. However, he could also be a pet/companion steer. If so, we will train him, but we must know early so we have time to work with him.

As a bull, he cannot be used to breed a mini, as the resulting calf could be too large to deliver. He’d be good to use on mids and standards.

If wanting him as a bull, we will check to see if he is A2A2 or not. Our cow is A1A2, but his sire is A2A2, so he could be either.

Asking $300 if he goes before weaning.

After weaning (approximately 3-4 months) and depending on what you want, max asking price of $500.



Sugar is the lighter, thicker heifer

Sugar was born on January 9th, 25″ tall with a 5″ cannon bone; with these measurements, she ought to be 44″-46″ (mid-sized) at maturity. Taller miniatures and Mid-sized are best for milking ease. Any shorter and milking becomes difficult.

Her sire (Dad) is a dual registered painted, A2A2, mini Jersey bull named Missouri Sunrise Orion. (He is much smaller than he appears in this photo.)

Missouri Sunrise Orion

Sugar’s dam (mom) is our A2A2, 47″ mid-sized Jersey cow, Candy. Sugar is Candy’s first calf.

Candy developed a very nice, high snug udder with teats of ample size for machine or hand milking. She is producing approx 4 gallons a day.

Nice evenly spaced teats, with four working quarters.

Sugar has had a great start. She had her dam’s colostrum and was bottle fed raw milk from day one.

She will be ready for her family at the end of March – beginning of April weaned, halter trained and friendly.