About us

Who are we

   David and Jennifer Myers bought the 7.5 acre farm in July 2011. At that time the farm was known simply as “Tiny Farm”, having been dubbed this by the oldest daughter. Four days after settling in, the second daughter was born.

   The cattle and goats came first. A small group of livestock had already been started and were being housed elsewhere until a farm could be bought. The addition of pigs and chickens followed soon after.

   With David’s background in Commercial Farming and Jennifer’s childhood of always having livestock around, it was a natural progression only enhanced by their daughter’s mutual interest in animals and 4-H. The growth of the farm has been jokingly explained as 4-H on steroids.  


   The farm continued to grow in numbers, including the kind of surprise additions of two sons, the first born when the youngest daughter was 6 and the second son arriving less than two years later.

   It was decided at this point, “tiny” farm no longer described the farm’s size, so a new name was needed. They wanted to keep the initials MTF since animals were already registered with that prefix. The children provided the inspiration for the new name since they preferred to go barefoot. And so Muddy Toes Farm was adopted and the logo was drawn. 

   Raw Pet milk sales began in 2018 and the farm doubled in size, to 15 acres, when adjoining land was purchased in 2023. 

Our Practices

   We love seeing animals out on pasture as much as you do! The serenity of grazing cattle is hard to beat.

   We believe livestock that are free to lay in the sun, gather at the feeder or munch on grass live more naturally and produce a higher quality product.

   All of our mature livestock are kept in pens or pastures which provide shelter and outside space to run and play in the sun. The young stock pens are located in our small barn, where they are better sheltered from the elements and their health can be closely monitored.

Our Livestock

   Our small herd of pastured Jersey cows provides the healthy, raw dairy, which we offer for sale from our farm.

   Our goats and sheep are sold for meat, breeding and showing.

   Also for sale, is a limited supply of milk and corn fed pigs, which are sold as feeders, breeders and “eaters”.

   Dairy cattle are for sale several times throughout the year. Steers and sometimes cows, but especially weaned heifers, which we halter train to lead and tie. These are sold as future family milk cows.

Our Mission

   We strive to do well; to produce the best we are able and provide our animals with everything they need to be healthy and happy.

   We strive to build a relationship of trust with our customers/guests and have them feel proud to support our farm. 

   We strive to share our farm with others because we understand knowing where food comes from is more important now than ever before.

   We strive to be a welcoming place of peace and friendship.

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Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about our farm and how we can help you.

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