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Your South Central Pa Farmstead source for Miniature, Mid and Standard sized Jersey Family Milk Cattle, raw dairy products for pets, Boer Goats, Hampshire Lambs and milk fed pigs.

Find out about our homestead family Jersey calves, heifers, steers and cows.

Our raw pet milk products are available daily from our self-serve, roadside farm stand.


Annual sales of milk fed feeder pigs, Boer goat kids and Hampshire lambs.

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6 days ago

Muddy Toes Farm LLC
👀🔥Our current raw milk situation.Deep, Rich, bold yellow cream topped raw milk. Thanks spring grass. You. Are. Golden. 💞#muddytoesfarmllc #microdairy #rawmilk #rawpetfood #rawmilkrevolution #rawmilkfinder #westonaprice #GrassFedGoodness #jerseycream #homestead #petmilk #realmilk ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Muddy Toes Farm LLC
I can't find any good recent pics of Dixie. She always seemed to be in the background, but here she is as a doeling. She was a favorite of her young owner and many that visited, partly due to her interesting face and we hoped she'd pass that onto her kids, so we'd have more.Her single doeling we pulled was not in any way oversized, not even for a singleton. There must have been something off with Dixie internally that she struggled and then the trauma was just too much. Which we feared it would be.We have 2 other first time does due. We are definitely praying for a much better outcome.A pic of her doeling is in the comments, if you want to see. She DID pass her look on. 💔 ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Muddy Toes Farm LLC
***Update*** Dixie passed within the last hour.😢 There was no thrashing. In fact she's laying down in a normal position with her head cradled back. So I'm thankful it looks to have been peaceful. RIP Dixie. 😢 Thank you everyone for your kind words. ♥️Everything isn't all sunshine and roses here at Muddy Toes. Last night one of our 1st time goat mamas had a hard labor.We tried for an hour or more to assist before calling 3 different Veterinarians. 2 of which answered, but wouldn't come and 1 that has even yet to return our call. And we have a prior relationship with all 3 for non emergency cases. 😐We were on our own. 😔So, after giving the doe a break so I could finally put my littles to bed, we went back to work.After another hour of praying, trying and ingenuity, we pulled a beautiful, but deceased doeling.We treated mama with supplements and shots to ease her pain and praised her for being such a tough girl to make it through such a trauma.She was up a bit this morning, but her prognosis is touch and go. We are however feeling certain she shouldn't be bred again and we will most likely be looking for a pet home for her.I will not post any pics at this time, because it was graphic, but her name is Dixie if you want to say a prayer for her.😢 ... See MoreSee Less
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